It’s true, we’ve let this blog fall behind. We’re still busy, though. Michelle is writing for Buzzfeed, and Pedro is busy trying to save the world or some shit. If you have any questions about any content, well, try tweeting at us.

Night Fog Reader is a San Francisco-based music and culture blog. Expect to be briefed about local music, news, and tours. Expect to be humored with interviews, videos, mp3s, photos, and anything buzzing in our minds.

Here’s a little about us:

Michelle: I am an arts and culture journalist living in NYC. Follow me on twitter @michellebvd.

Pedro: I’m a law student with an overactive nightlife. I drink Manhattans. Follow me on twitter @pedrohzjr.

Contacting Night Fog Reader:

If you’d like to submit something for review, promo, coverage, funny ideas, or something to that degree please email us at nightfogreader at gmail dot com.