June 8, 2011

My friend, photographer and graphic designer Zac made us our awesome logo and with it’s completion we knew it was time to have a party. So, Friday night, Pedro and I (with a little help from our awesome friends) hosted our launch party for Night Fog Reader at El Rio. 

Pamela played first and they raged hard. The lady duo—Ashley Thomas and Courtney Gray—started with double guitars and Will Ivy on the drums. Later on, Courtney beat the drums while Ashley fronted. They called up Jasper of the Myonics, who played a few songs with Pamela, including a Myonics song! 

Ryan Grubbs of the Ganglians DJed between the two acts. The flavor of the set ranged between Raga disco beats by Charanjit Singh and psych cult classics like The Twinkeyz’s “Aliens In Our Midst.”

If you’ve ever seen Boyz IV Men live, then you know they get the party and the dance pit started. Needless to say, the Boyz did not disappoint. It got really sweaty and crowded as people shoved into each other. I tried to protect the projector while also taking photos. I’m pretty proud of my feeble attempt to capture a picture of the Night Fog Reader logo randomly projected onto Trevor’s crotch. After the live sets, FuZZz DJs Snaps n’ Claps took over for the rest of the evening.

A special thanks goes out to the ladies of FuZZz who made this all possible.

Also, thanks to our readers and friends for liking us and coming out to the show! It was fucking full.


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