August 24, 2011

Living Gonzo with Lil B Part I.

As promised, here is Part I of Living Gonzo with Lil B. Strange thing, I missed the part when glitter went everywhere. I do have to say that upon meeting Lil B, I was taken back by his humbled nature, and overall politeness - plus he dug the Uptown. See glimpses of Different Fur Studios, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Berkeley’s People’s Park. Stay tuned for Part II.

- Pedro

August 19, 2011

Lil B in the Mission.

A few weeks ago, filmmakers for Gonzoworld got in touch with me to ask about local spots, and folks to help with this Lil B shoot. To say the least, the experience left my mind filled with the words like “swag,” and I even learned some cookin’ dance moves. Catch some of San Francisco’s vibrant life and elegant scenery in this video. Notably, 17th and Capp, and the fog rolling over Twin Peaks and the Sutro Tower. This is just the teaser, I’ll make sure to follow up when the full feature is up.

- Pedro

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